Womens’ Health Week 2020

Womens’ Health Week 2020

Women’s Health Week is next month (September 7th-11th) and we would like to offer a free spinal health check if you book in between September 1st-18th.

Let’s honour and celebrate our incredible bodies because as women we tend to always put ourselves last! 👑

Follow this link to make a booking online or call one of our clinics and speak to our chiropractic assistants! If you have any further questions feel free to message us below.

Call Goodwood Clinic

08 8272 4555

Call Mt Gambier Clinic

08 8725 3755

T&C’s: this is a 15 minute spinal screen and posture photo only. no treatment is included. no obligation to book in as a new patient for a full assessment.

What’s Included?

Good posture is important because when we position the body in the correct sitting and standing postures, there is even pressure on the spine, its surrounding muscles and ligaments. Having good posture can reduce physical stress on the body.

Deviation from normal posture can weaken and shorten the muscles around the spine causing imbalances in the body, leading to pain and symptoms.

Poor pelvis alignment may affect your postural endurance meaning that you may be in pain when sitting or working.