What happens if you haven’t had an adjustment for a while?

What happens if you haven’t had an adjustment for a while?

From time to time clients who previously have  had  good results from Chiropractic care get out of the habit of having their regular spinal check-ups. People often tell me:

  • “ I’ve been feeling really good”
  • “ I haven’t had any niggles”
  • “ I have been too busy”
  • “ I haven’t had time to  look after  myself because there are other people I have to look after”

While all of the above may be quite true (and may even relate to you), let me share some information with you:

Misalignment’s of the spine (subluxations) are often silent.
This is because when the joint isn’t moving at its best, you may not feel pain, you may not even notice the subtle loss of mobility that accompanies the subluxation. Also the nerve pressure that results from a vertebral subluxation may not be  irritating the pain nerves (which are only 2-3 % of all the nerve fibers). It may instead be affecting nerves to your   muscles and you may experience increased muscle tension.  It can affect nerve communication to your organs, blood vessels and glands, which can make you feel lack luster, fatigued and low on stamina.

If the above description relates to you , we invite you back to our clinics to help you get ’back on  track’!