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Strong • Resilient • Brave

Across the remainder of the 2021 season, this page will be updated with information under the 4 pillars of Strong, Resilient, Brave.

Eat Well

Fueling your body effectively keeps us healthy, and supports us on and off the field.

Move Well

Moving well is essential to a great footy performance, and also prevents injuries.

Think Well

A healthy mindset makes us resilient to stress and ultimately shapes how we face each match and each day.

Recover Well

Recovering well from a game both physically and mentally prevents us from becoming burned out and overwhelmed.

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Strong • Resilient • Brave, for Goodwood Saints Football Club
Strong resilient brave, eat well
Download your "Eat Well" plate template

Download your "Eat Well" plate template here (link)

Pre-game Warm Up

This is quick, 5-minute warm up you can do before training and games to keep you body moving well.