Stressed Much?

Stressed Much?

Well, are we there yet? SA has done a great job but we all know there are still hurdles to get through before our pre-COVID-19 life may return in its new form and other restrictions are lifted. I am personally grateful that our kids can go back to school and resume their education – it makes you appreciate our teachers, even more, doesn’t it?!
Here at the clinics we have been welcoming more people back for their adjustment and it’s been so lovely to see you.


However, the overall theme is that with the upheaval in your lives, there have been worries, extra emotions and some anxiety for many of you. Please be reassured, you’re experiencing a normal response to a very stressful, unprecedented situation.
I know some of you have lost your jobs, your livelihoods are in the mix, or your workload has increased. You might be feeling worried about your health and the economy and how it affects your household. You also may have wondered why your body responds in a certain way; so I have recorded a half-hour webinar to help explain what happens to your body when you’re stressed.

I hope that you find the webinar useful. I am very happy to answer questions or discuss the content more with you when you next come to the clinic and Dr Ashley can answer your stress questions in Mt Gambier if I don’t see you myself.
For some of you, it would be time to do a progressive comparative review including our special EMG/ & HRV stress scan to see how you’re going and what you can do to increase your body’s resilience as we head into the cooler months.

We can also announce in Goodwood that Hugh Gilchrist is once again able to commence his remedial massage service as of this week – many of you would have missed his healing hands!

Stay well and I will see you soon,

Dr Paula