Sounding Board Mentoring



So, you’ve been wondering about an issue, not sure of solution, it’s going around in your head. You need someone to bounce it off and maybe give you some strategy and direction.

Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to someone who’s been in a similar situation?

Maybe a lawyer or an accountant might be a bit over the top, you might no want to spend that kind on money just yet, and they might not really understand the nuts of bolts of running a health practice.

I am Paula from Sounding Board Mentoring and advisory service, and I may be of help.



About me:

I wanted to be a Chiropractor from a young age, you could say I a calling! I was keen but I had to work hard to get through Uni…. academia didn’t come naturally. I am a people person and very hands on. I was lucky enough to gain my first job as an Associate Chiropractor with someone I respected and learnt a great deal from. I was in a busy practice and had to learn the systems needed to run an effective training practice. I unexpectantly found myself opening my own practises from scratch after a8 month, at the age of 25. It was a shaky start, I had some financial hits, but I knew the value of hard work – “if it was it be, it’s up to me!” Was my mantra.