How we perceive pain alters how we feel pain.

How we perceive pain alters how we feel pain.

When we experience long-term pain, it can cause us to become hypersensitive to future pain.

🧠It is our brains way of trying to protect us, but those with pain without apparent injury will know that it takes a physical, emotional and mental toll.

The good news is that pain can lessen when we feel safe, and changing how we view it can alter how intensely we feel it. 🙌

Next time you feel yourself entering a pain spiral, where your thoughts and feelings are contributing to physical pain and your physical pain is contributing to negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, find yourself a quiet place, take long, deep breathes and try these affirmations to calm your nervous system down.

🌻 “My body is trying to communicate with me. I will listen to it.”

🌻 “I am healthy and resilient; this is only temporary.”

Of course, breathing and affirmations is not the only step in managing pain. It is a beneficial additive to managing pain in conjunction with other modalities including exercise, good nutrition, and manual therapies including chiropractic.