Oral Restrictions in Babies

Why choose The Chiropractic Domain?

We love babies and kids

After 20 years in practice Dr Paula has a lot of experiences with all ages, but what she loves most is treating babies and children.
Her own children have had their own experiences with Oral Restrictions.

Her daughter having many dental and respiratory issues led her to learn about Orofacial Myology Adelaide.
Her daughter (10) and twin boys (6) had their tongue ties release with Dr Rosh Amrien
Dr Paula suspected a tongue tie in her 24-year-old Step-Daughter that was also released with Dr Rosh relieving years of reflux, headaches and jaw pain in conjunction with bodywork.

We produce easy to understand reports

For parents of children with Oral restrictions and neck dysfunction, there are many considerations in getting them to a point of thriving; the process can be overwhelming!

We produce easy to understand reports and advice for all families at The Chiropractic Domain. (See example below)


It improves overall well being

With 20 years experience in the industry, 20 years as a step-mother and 10 years as a Mum, Dr Paula brings together clinical expertise, a caring disposition, love of health promotion and communication and an in-depth foundation on the identification, diagnosis, treatment, aftercare and life-long effects of lip and tongue ties from the Tongue Tie Institute.

At The Chiropractic Domain, we regularly re-assess every baby and child's health to ensure life-long well-being.

What can a family expect?


From naught to ninety you have a health history that paints the picture of you and your family. To fully understand how we can help you we ask you to first fill in a thorough intake form before arriving at the clinic.

Informed Consent

We want you to be educated advocates of chiropractic, so we aim for you to be well informed about the benefits of chiropractic and any risks that might be involved. This process will include some reading and signing of paperwork before we proceed in assessing anyone.


A thorough examination will be conducted; their range of motion will be assessed, and neurological tests will be performed including:

  • Bone / Joint function
  • Nerve & Muscle Function
  • Global Posture
  • Brain Function
  • Preparatory Orofacial Examination
  • Functional Symmetry
  • Measurements; According to the World Health Organisation

Photographs will also be taken of your child's posture and head shape will be taken, for comparison later on.

Body Work

Bodywork and Chiropractic adjustments may be appropriate and beneficial after the assessment process. Dr Paula will make recommendations on the frequency of care at home care for optimal results.

The bodywork itself may make the baby cry but does not take long, and when their function has improved and there are less tender points they are often very relaxed with no crying at all.