Celebrating Mums of The Chiropractic Domain

Celebrating Mums of The Chiropractic Domain

Caring for Mums with Chiropractic

If you prefer to watch and listen, rather than read, watch the video below.

We see a lot of mums at The Chiropractic Domain and we often see them put their families first when it comes to wellbeing. In recognition to the mums of the clinic community, we are offering all mums $20.00 off their next appointment if they are already a registered patients with us.

For mums who have not seen us before (or not for 3+ years) you can buy a voucher to have the first two chiropractic appointments with us for just $99 (normally $193 - a 50% saving!)

Why for the first two appointments? The first visit is all about collecting mums health history, doing posture assessment, sEMG scans, x-rays (if indicated), neurological and orthopaedic testing. After all that, Dr Paula will write a detailed and personalised report of the findings and present it at the second visit - that's when mum can make an informed choice chiropractic. Treatment will be provided then as well.

full terms and conditions are below


Terms and Conditions

  • Each special offer may only be used once by each mum
  • At a 50% discount, prepayment is required for the initial consult offer
  • Initial consult offer does not include treatment on the first appointment (first treatment is during the second consult with informed consent)
  • If x-rays are clinically indicated, they are an additional fee but offered at 50% off their usual price.