MTG Christmas

MTG Christmas



Christmas time is nearly upon us!

Well, it has been a year of many changes here at the Chiropractic Domain however with persistence and determination we have once again found a lovely Associate in Ashely to help look after you all.

Over the year Dr Paula has travelled down more to support the team and now returns to her normal consulting visit schedule of once a month in 2020.

After a cameo appearance by Dr Annette from Norway,  we welcomed Dr Ashley back from WA who has now settled into Mt Gambier with her partner Andrew.

As always, our fabulous CA’s ( Chiropractic Assistants/Angels) Sonia & Dee have helped to back us all up to keep the ship running as smoothly as possible.

Please know we feel very privileged and delighted that you choose us to help you with your spinal care and sincerely hope we can continue to be of service to you into 2020.

We are also very pleased when you send us your friends and family for help, it makes for a lovely clinic community!
~ Dr Paula

Wilbur was a little impatient today and opened up our new Christmas product!

Introducing Archies Thongs

Comfortable, durable supportive thongs/pluggers/flip-flops for whomever you may need a last-minute Christmas gift for yourself for when summer finally gets here! Our little elfie Wilbur couldn’t wait to try out a pair for himself.
We have limited stock, so get in quick!

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Christmas Closure

Monday 23/12/2019 – Open
Tuesday 24/12/2019 – Open until 1:30 pm
Wednesday 25/12/2019 – Wednesday 1/1/2020 – Closed
Thursday 2/1/2020 – Open – (Resume usual hours)

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