Masks back on please!

Masks back on please!

From midnight tonight, we'll be back in masks at The Chiropractic Domain.

'This is not a lockdown': SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens

"We talking about level 4 restrictions. This is not a lockdown. But there are significant restrictions on public activities within our community."

  • Face masks for all high-risk settings
  • Non-essential retail closed
  • One person per four square metres
  • Outdoor dining only
  • No communal consumption facilities
  • Seated food and beverage consumption only
  • Indoor fitness facilities closed
  • No team or contact club sport
Wear a mask

Please put your mask on before entering

Check in

Use the QR code in the window, or sign in at the desk if you do not have a smartphone

Maintain 1.5m distance

Where-ever possible please keep a safe distance

Check the exposure sites

Please ensure you check that you have not been to an exposure site here

Avoid bringing guests to your appointment

If you can come to your appointment without bringing others, we can maintain more distance between people in the clinic.

Do not attend if you have symptoms

People experiencing any of the following symptoms, no matter how mild,  should be tested for COVID-19 as soon as symptoms appear

Follow SA Health Advice if you have been to an exposure site

Please ensure you check that you have not been to an exposure site here

We will continue to keep the clinic clean and sanitised for you, so that it is as safe as possible for you to continue to access chiropractic care.

Gyms closed

Although indoor gyms are closed, keep up with your exercise and stretches!

An email will be coming out to patients during the week some ideas for at home work-outs and stretches for all levels of fitness.