Chiropractic in lockdown?

Chiropractic in lockdown?

"Allied health services for relief of pain"

We are very pleased that the South Australian guidelines have been updated to include the ability to seek treatment if you are in pain. Of course, pain is not the only reason to seek chiropractic care usually, but in the context of the current South Australian restrictions, and stopping the spread of the virus, you may only attend "for relief of pain".

As such, limited appointments have been made available during lockdown on Monday and Tuesday next week. 

We will be asking you the following qualifying questions, and if you do not require care for pain relief, your appointment will be rescheduled to after lockdown has lifted.

1. Are you in pain?
2. Will your pain worsen if you do not receive care?
3. Are you able to travel safely for care?
4. Have you reviewed the SA Government COVID-19 rules prior to attending for care?
If you are in pain, and have reviewed these guidelines, please book at 
Should you have any questions, please email