Kids quality of life improves with chiropractic care.

Kids quality of life improves with chiropractic care.

A summary of the study

A recent U.S. Study found that “following a course of chiropractic care, the QoL [Quality of Life] of children (8-17 years old) improved beyond chance as assessed by their parents."

The study used the “Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System” or PROMIS collection method and surveyed 724 parents, 80% of which were under chiropractic care themselves. The participants presented to chiropractic clinics for their children for a combination of wellness care as well as relieving symptoms.

  • 68.1% of respondents brought their child in for a combination of wellness care and for relief of symptoms.
  • 21.4% brought their child in for wellness care only (however only <1% of parents said that their child had no symptoms.)
  • 10.5% brought their child in solely for symptom relief

The researchers noted that “All PROMISE QoL [quality of life] measures changed from T1 [baseline] to T2 [comparison point] in a statistically significant manner. More importantly, the changes were associated with improvements in QoL. [1]”

The paper specifically looked at anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and physical function, with anxiety, pain, and physical function showing the greatest improvements under care.

Another interesting note is this: we know that parent-proxy questionnaires give some room for error in terms of estimations. However, Alcantara et al cite other research that indicated that parents tend to over-estimate their child’s Quality of Life. Therefore, the difference could be even greater than we currently think.

There is a lot more to be done in the way of research with it comes to chiropractic for kids, and chiropractic for wellness, but these kinds of studies indicating improvements paints part of the picture of why we are so passionate at The Chiropractic Domain about providing care for all ages.

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