Keep moving in lockdown!

Keep moving in lockdown!

Keep moving in lockdown

Keep moving in lockdown!

Dr Paula has recorded a fun and easy workout for the whole family to enjoy together so that we can all keep moving in lockdown.

Watch the video, follow the steps along with the suggested playlist, and have some fun!

The Workout Steps

The Warm up

Side stretches and standing twists

Suggested song: I'm on my way


Marching and Side Steps

Suggested song: I'm on my way

The Nutbush

Suggested song: Nutbush City Limits

Mountain Climbers

Suggested song: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Arms, Legs, Core Combo

Skate steps

Suggested song: Sk8er Boi

Skier swing

Suggested song: Swing

Push ups with chair
Triceps dips
Hip bridge lift

Suggested song: Push It

The Slow Down

Wide stance side lunge
Wide stance Hamstring stretch

Suggested song: Kung Fu Fighting

Quads stretch chair hold
Double calf stretches

Suggested song: Easy

Shoulder and. Tricep stretch
Pec , shoulder rolls and angel stretch

Suggested song: Superman - it’s not easy 

Child pose elongation
McKenzie’s extension

Suggested song: Orinico Flow - Sail Away


We hope you get some enjoyment out of this workout and keep the whole family moving in lockdown!

In case you missed our announcement, we will be adjusting during lockdown for those in pain, please visit the blog for full details.