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Strong, Resilient, Brave 2021

Strong, Resilient, Brave was a program written by Dr Paula in 2019 to support the girl's teams at the Goodwood Saints Football Club. 2020 saw the program ran online via video, and in 2021 she reviewed the topics, refined them to be shorter, and has collaborated with other health professionals.

Every female Goody Saints player is offered access to the Strong, Resilient, Brave program, as well as a free posture assessment at The Chiropractic Domain.

What is Strong Resilient Brave?

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The Chiropractic Domain proudly supports the GSFC and is a 2021 sponsor of the club. Dr Paula grew up across the road from the Goodwood Oval and is a proud Goodwood local. Her business 'The Chiropractic Domain' began in Goodwood in 1998 and she is extremely passionate about supporting local women and girls in keeping active and healthy. When Junior girls football began at the club, her daughter began playing for Goodwood, followed by her sons soon after. Strong • Resilient • Brave is a program designed for all ages to integrate moving well, eating well, thinking well, and recovering well into daily life and footy. It is offered in video format for all GSFC female players for free.

Across the remainder of the 2021 season, video segments will be released, available for all female Goody Saints players focussing on the four pillars of good health for footy players.

Female GSFC players can also take advantage of our no-obligation, free postural assessment, and if they would benefit from chiropractic care, can see Dr Paula at a reduced rate during the football season.

Eat Well

Fueling your body effectively keeps us healthy, and supports us on and off the field.

Move Well

Moving well is essential to a great footy performance, and also prevents injuries.

Think Well

A healthy mindset makes us resilient to stress and ultimately shapes how we face each match and each day.

Recover Well

Recovering well from a game both physically and mentally prevents us from becoming burned out and overwhelmed.

Strong • Resilient • Brave, for Goodwood Saints Football Club

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the Strong, Resilient, Brave program, how chiropractic can support you or your family during the football season, or you have any questions, we encourage you to use this form to send Dr Paula an email.

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Strong • Resilient • Brave, for Goodwood Saints Football Club