Funky Christmas!

Funky Christmas!

Hello Lovely Patients,

You might be wondering about the disco-themed Christmas imagery – Well, as some of you know Goodwood Road does a Christmas Decoration competition. For voting, you can win $500!!! 
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Vote for The Chiropractic Domain Disco Theme!
Vote for The Chiropractic Domain Disco Theme!

As the year draws to a close I want to thank you once again for your patronage is what has been my 21st year of running my own business! Whilst that seems a long time, on the other hand, there are so many of whom I have known and care for, it just feels like we are all growing older together!!

This year we said goodbye to my step-daughter Simone who moved to Melbourne to study chiropractic and has now completed her first year. She still works very much on the background work remotely for me, even though you don’t see her as much as in her previous role.

We welcomed Lisa Hutchinson to our admin team, who has settled in beautifully and whom many of you would have met across this year.

 We also welcomed Hugh Gilchrist as our remedial massage therapist, bring a different range of techniques to sooth are our tight & stressed bodies. If you haven’t met him I hope you avail yourself to his services in 2020.
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Lisa Scarfo our on-site naturopath hit the radio this year, doing a regular spot of 5AA talking all things healthy. She and I are creating an exciting health program next year so keep your eyes & ears peeled for the announcement in the new year.
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For myself, I am relieved that I have been able to regain a lovely and dedicated associate chiropractor in the Mt Gambier clinic once more, meaning less travel and less stress for me.

As results I am looking forward to family time over Christmas, we are doing a road trip to Syndey to spend time with my sister and her family who lives there.
As a result, my final day here is December 20th
And I will see you back I good form Monday, January 6th

Hope you get some nice relaxing time over this period and I send you all my love!!

~ Dr Paula

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