Welcome to The Chiropractic Domain Community Mum!

If you're here, someone who loves you has bought you a voucher for the first 2 consults at The Chiropractic Domain.

Why the first two visits? Because the first visit is all about collecting your health history, performing tests and doing assessments, and the second appointment is where Dr Paula will present to you her findings and go through your personalised plan.

What does your voucher include?

  • Your initial consult
    • sEMG scan
    • Digital posture assessment
    • Chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests
  • Your second consult
    • Report of Dr Paula's findings from your first consult
    • Personalised chiropractic care plan
    • Chiropractic adjustment

What does your voucher not include?

  • X-rays are not included, so if you are indicated for x-rays we will do them at 50% off the regular price
  • treatment on the first visit

What Next?

  1. Book your appointment by call 8272 4555, or book online
  2. Once booked, we will email you all the details that you need for your appointment including your new patient form
  3. Let us know that you have a voucher to use
  4. Attend your appointments