The Chiropractic Domain provides care for all ages. Just as our technique changes based on age, we know that needs change across different stages of life. Please select the form to fill in online based on the patients age.

16+ Years Old

This form is for all adults and late teens to fill out themselves. It include your own health history, family history and images to help identify concerns, and help Dr Paula make her working diagnoses.


11-15 Years

For 11 to 15 year olds we recognise they are usually still closely cared for by their family, but are starting to also think about their own health and autonomy more. As such we ask both a parent and the patient to fill in a form each.



0-10 Years Old

This questionnaire is very detailed, and will take a bit of time to complete. The detail of this form allows us to provide a holistic and full approach to your child’s chiropractic care and overall well-being.