Ex-Demo Matress Video

Ex-Demo Matress Video

Video Transcript

Hello lovely clients,

I just wanted to give you a heads up; we’re actually going to make room and get rid of our lovely healthy life demo bed. We need to make some changes and get a little bit more space here.

This particular product is one that I recommend and I’ve sent a number of you off to the stores to purchase one. This single ensemble is the healthy life classic mattress now if you went to buy it online you’d be looking at five and a half grand (just for the mattress) if I was to refer you to the store you’d be looking at a cost price of about two and a half grand, This has never been slept on it’s just simply been in this clinic for people to look and try.

So if you’re interested I’ll be putting it out there for fifteen hundred dollars (for the mattress and the base). Please send us a message and let us know if you’re interested.