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Dr Nathaniel Thorpe

What do you learn from working at The Chiropractic Domain?

You gain independence, from being forced to think on your feet and make decisions that affect people’s well-being on the spot. The success from these decisions helped to improve confidence in my own ability and myself as both a person and a chiropractor. You learn how to manage a team in order to get the best out of yourself and your chiropractic assistants. Managing a small business.

I have learnt how to adapt communication skills to suit patients rather than myself so that they get the best out of what I am saying and doing, as it doesn’t matter what I understand, but it does matter what and how they interpret what I say.

You learn to deal with a variety of different demographics, and how to adapt what you do to suit them. The country environment provides more challenges than the city as the general accessibility of health isn’t as good, this means people that should be at other health care services can appear on your doorstep and you have to apply your learning to decide whether it’s a case for you or for someone else, and if so direct them where to go.

Hi my name is Emily and I have been lucky enough to work at The Chiropractic Domain in Mount Gambier for the past 18 months. Under the guidance of the principal chiropractor Dr Paula Stacey – Thomas, this was my first position after graduating from RMIT in 2015. I was fortunate enough to complete some of my final year placement here and at the Goodwood practice with Paula, which was a great introduction to the working world.

The aspects of the position that were enticing to me were the job security, the financial stability, the mentoring from an experienced practitioner and business owner, clear practices and procedures, a supportive team and the experience of working in a rural setting.

The experiences that I have had during my time here at The Chiropractic Domain, will serve me well in my future career. I have been able to build great manual adjusting skills, further my clinical and diagnostic skills, learn how to manage people and a practice and consolidate my chiropractic philosophy. I would highly recommend this position for a new grad looking to have both a solid base and room to grow rapidly.

Things that are attractive about the position:

Financial security

  • Wage
  • Secure employment with a 2 year contract
  • Sick and annual leave
  • Superannuation / tax

Taking over a patient base

  • No building a base from scratch
  • No other practitioners to compete with day to day
  • Long term patients have experienced a positive patient handover before

Advertising/ PR

  • Regular flow of new patients
  • Focus on chiropractic technique


  • From experienced practitioner, who has experience mentoring associates
  • Always somewhere there is you have a question or need help


  • Insight scanning equipment
  • X-ray on site
  • iPad/ posture app use
  • Well Kids

Practices and procedures

  • Great basis for a new grad starting out
  • Framework to follow

Supportive team

  • Everyone wanting the best for each patient
  • Hard working


  • Financially better in comparison to the city
  • Housing cheaper
  • May be suited to someone who wants to bring up a family
  • Or someone who prefers country living over city

Business coaching/education

  • Learn how to run a business without being financially invested


  • Great coaching and teaching
  • A great base for a new grad

Rural practice

  • Lots of varied cases
  • Working in a community where chiropractic is generally well received

Dr Emily Ferguson

Dr Chelsea Dickins

Hey Newly Graduated Chiros and about to be Chiros!

I wanted to write to you all about an amazing opportunity that exists starting 2018. There is a job available in Mount Gambier that has a ‘mother’ practice in Adelaide. Graduating is an exciting time, but it’s when the learning really begins. It can be a daunting time but depending on how you do it can set you up for your years in practice.

The biggest recommendation that I can make going into graduating is getting experience and this job has that all over it. Not only do you get a patient base, but you get support from a team of CAs and an experienced Chiropractor. Your university teaches you how to be safe, which is essential, but there is a lot more becoming a chiropractor that university doesn’t cover. In this job, you get a frame work of how to become a brilliant communicator, adjustor and practitioner. You’ll get 1 on 1 weekly mentoring with an experienced chiropractor just a phone call away. You will have an amazing team around you with policies and procedures that set you up for success and you get the chance to become comfortable as calling yourself a chiropractor.

I did a locum for this business as my first job out of university and I can’t tell you how much it helped me become comfortable in my abilities as a Chiropractor.

You get the chance to re-locate to a community minded town that is very sporty and very arts inclined that is within weekend travel distance to both Melbourne and Adelaide.

If you have some time left for placement, I would consider this very seriously to contact, come by and meet this practitioner in Adelaide.

Also, feel free to chat to me about it as I have experience in both the Adelaide and Mount Gambier practice.

Dr Chelsea Dickins

As a fresh Chiropractic graduate, I felt like I was in a forest with no paths and no light. I was working with what I learned from university and I did not feel like I was growing as a professional Chiropractor. It wasn’t until I started working with Paula I started to feel like I was gaining momentum in my career. She was always there for me whenever I needed help. She also gave me valuable skills and education that I have taken further into my career.

I always had questions and she always answered them well. Some of the most common topics include:

· Help with adjustment techniques – Dr. Paula has her own unique skillset from a variety of different well-known techniques which she has taught me and I have become an advocate for. She is well versed in a lot of techniques, so her advice will always be helpful no matter which technique a new graduate wishes to practice.

· Help with taking/reading x-rays – she was always there for a second opinion and open discussion. She helped me become efficient with taking full spine x-rays and using them to full advantage to help with diagnosis.

· Help with patient assessments – sometimes I needed a second opinion on a diagnosis, and she would always help and create an open discussion about it, which helped me learn more.

· Help with soft tissue work and anatomy.

· Taught me a lot about how an associate chiropractor should be paid – this was a big thing for me as it was not taught well prior to speaking with Paula.

· General education about the health science field – Dr. Paula is extremely smart and well-informed about the health science world. We would often have open discussions which were very valuable.

· Ways to improve time management

· Ways to make note taking more efficient during a consultation

· Ways to improve initial consultation and report of findings so that patients are more likely to continue chiropractic care.

· Helps with ways to improve patient numbers and patient retention.

· Help with a variety of additional chiropractic tools and their uses (such as the Activator, drop piece, blocks, heat/ice packs, massager, etc)

These are but a few topics that she always helped me with, but they were definitely my most asked questions.

I felt very comfortable asking Paula these questions. She always assured me that she would help whenever I needed, and she was honestly always there for me. She is extremely approachable and you know you are getting advice from an experienced professional. The advice was always helpful and effective. Whenever we talked and I had a question, I instantly felt more confident about the problem and felt I could do it with her help. I never felt alone knowing she was there, which is something so good to have and so underrated. A mentor is just so important, especially for a new graduate. With her help, I was able to move forward and advance my education a lot faster than I thought was possible. Without her help, I would not be the person I am today.

Thank you for everything Paula.

Dr. Nisreen Moosa

M. Clinical Chiropractic (RMIT), B.App.Sci (Chiropractic) (RMIT), B.Sc. (University of Melbourne)

Dr Nisreen Moosa

Dr Melisa Hon

I was honoured to be offered the Associate Chiropractor position at The Chiropractic Domain Mount Gambier straight after graduating from Murdoch University. As a fresh graduate with minimal experience, Dr Paula Stacey-Thomas has offered great mentorship and guidance throughout my two years here. Her achievements and dedication within this industry have inspired and shaped me to become who I am today. All the valuable experiences that I have learned from her can be used as a stepping stone for my future career.

The well established procedures and policies framework we use in our clinics enhance great management, efficiency and allow smoother client flow. Being familiarised with all the procedures us essential to allow consistent of service both DC’s and CA’s and smooth transition for our clients to a new practitioner. Regular team trainings with both DC’s and CA’s are conducted to help to improve procedures and allows CA’s to learn more about Chiropractic.

I have been fortunate to be supported by a fabulous team of CA’s, who are not only well with our clinic procedures, but also have great interpersonal skills.

Having been here for nearly two years, I have truly enjoyed what Mount Gambier offers. Mount Gambier has a very friendly and close-knit community. It does not take long for a new-comer to blend into the community as long as you are involved in some kind of sport or community activities. Other societies or groups such as the Young Professional Network, Lion’s club or involvement in any monthly local events are the best place to meet people.

If you are a graduate, I would highly recommend you to consider this position, great place to start your career, good experience and exposure.

For those who have more experience and want to change form the city practice, I guarantee you will have no regrets joining our practice; an excellent rural experience.

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