December 2020 Update from The Chiropractic Domain

December 2020 Update from The Chiropractic Domain

Well, it is finally in December in the year we thought never end.  We all know how topsy-turvy and challenging it has been, so I am not going dwell on that. 

I would love to tell you about some exciting offers and updates this month: 

For those who are starting to think about Christmas and looking for a few ideas we have the famous Dr Graeme hand-held massagers.

These are the ones I use on the clinic but mostly I recommend them as a fabulous way to take a layer of tension out for those super tight muscles that get tight form poor posture or over-use in just a few minutes

 We have some gift-wrapped and ready to go home for someone you care about for $89 each

Also, some of you may have seen our stock of “Archies” supporting and fashionable thongs. With hot weather beginning its better to be in these than bare feet or completely flat things…after many weeks they can save your feet and legs and knees from needless aching to do not enough support.  They also make great stocking filler and extremely reasonable priced at $35.   Great for both adult and kids they come in a range of colors and sizes.  You can come in- clinic to try one or both products can be bought online for click and collect

Some examples of cases we have been working with recent with positive results include ,

  • neck and shoulders issues
  • headaches
  • knee joint aggravation and post-surgical swelling
  • jaw pain

Some of you may not know that in Dr Paula’s treatment approach, she also has been using “Cold laser therapy” (Low-level Pulsed Laser therapy). She has recently upgraded her laser to one that is higher quality and more efficient. She has been using as an adjunct or Chiropractic Care in cases of pain and inflammation from injury or a flare-up of a chronic issues.

This year we are working right up until Christmas eve , doing an extra Shift on Thursday 24h December from 8:30-11:30am to make sure you can get in your final adjustment for this amazing 2020 year we have all experienced.
As you come in for your December adjustment, we would love give you our complimentary hand-made Bath salt/ foot soak salts. These carry the TCD signature essential oil blend to promote resilience and relaxation for that tired body and feet.

We shall close for a break with our families and re-open on Monday January 4th

Finally heart-felt thank-you to our very loyal client community – that’s YOU for supporting us to support you across this very unique year. We have certainly all learnt a lot and been stretched in ways we could never have expected. Please reflect on the amazing nature of your own nervous system and how its adapted to all sorts of stresses and help you to get through. As your Chiropractor is my absolute privilege to adjust you to help your spine and nervous system keep you going. We are here for you and look forward to doing so into 2021!

Yours in Health Dr Paula & Team