COVID-19 Updates

The Chiropractic Domain Status:



We have been practicing in our new “Covid Normal” for a little while now. Masks are no longer required, however we are still encouraging physical distancing whenever possible and tables are being disinfected between every adjustment.

Please continue to use the QR code to check in upon arrival and to ensure we do not go over capacity, please avoid bringing others with you when you can.

If you are unwell, please let us know and get tested so that we can avoid future lockdowns 🙂


Dr Paula and Lisa (pictured) have updated our Covid-Safe plan to help stop the spread

Yesterday afternoon we were advised that from the 1st of December (today) masks must not only be worn by staff at The Chiropractic Domain, but also by patients.

When you arrive you will also need to sign in via a QR code to help in possible contact tracing efforts by SA Health.

Please avoid bringing visitors with you to the practice, to ensure physical distancing.

We are committed to continuing to provide you with a safe clinical setting. All staff have undergone Covid training to help stop the spread.

Regular updates will continue to go out via our Facebook page, so please follow us there.

Here at the Chiropractic Domain we are grateful that we can continue to play our small part in helping you to keep well and feel supported.

Please continue to maintain distance between other, wash your hands, stay home if you’re unwell.


Our short-lived lockdown is over and we will returning to our usual hours from Monday!

We will be following our Covid-Safe protocols and ask that you continue to practice physical distancing. If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call.

Here at the Chiropractic Domain we believe we can continue to play our small part in helping you to keep well and feel supported, and we certainly feel privileged to do so.

Please continue to maintain distance between other, wash your hands, stay home if you’re unwell.

Be kind to each other and we’ll see you very soon!


Today the South Australian Chief Allied & Scientific Health Officer advised that all allied health practices in South Australia must close for the duration of the six day ‘circuit breaker’ period from 12:01 am tonight (Thursday, 19 November) to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
All allied health practices, including chiropractic, must close for the next six days unless services can be provided through telehealth.

As such the Chiropractic Domain will be closed with the goal of returning on Wednesday the 25th of November, unless we are otherwise advised by the SA Health authorities.

If you have an appointment on or after November 25th, your appointment will go ahead as planned unless you hear from us, or we hear from you to reschedule.

For those in need of urgent chiropractic advise please email Dr Paula at

Stay well, wash your hands, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Bookings are available online from the 25th of November onwards.


Restrictions are now beginning to ease, but we remain vigilant for your safety. Appointments remain essential so that we can limit the number of people in the building to any one time. If you are more comfortable waiting outside for your appointment, let us know when you arrive.

For the time being we won’t be having toys and magazines in the waiting area, and seating is separated by 1.5 metres.

If you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with a suspected case of COVID-19 please call us before your appointment to arrange additional hygiene protocols to be discussed.

In Goodwood, Hugh is able to see clients again. You can book a massage online at


We have all had a great deal to adapt to in the last few weeks – It has affected everyone both fiscally, physically and emotionally. We are grateful though that the government considers us part of “essential health care service” to help keep people moving and being comfortable.

We know that these changes are now part of our “new normal” and will be so for at least for 6 months.
As we have previously communicated, at TCD we have adapted and evolved our working environment to be able to still provide you with hygienic Chiropractic care

We have created both physical space in reception and the adjusting area and altered our timings so that there is the minimum people inside the clinic at one time, all appropriately spaced.

Dr Paula & Ashley now have personal protective equipment to wear when they are providing your adjustments

Overall the response we have had from our loyal patients is that they are very grateful for the measures we have taken to care for them so that they can still come to get adjusted. If you have chosen to stay away for now due to sickness or concerns but you get to the point you where think you would like to get adjusted, please call so we can talk you through how we can accommodate you.

I will be sending a bit more communication like this to you regularly, to keep you motivated and inspired about keeping yourself mobile and healthy.

I will also be giving you some suggestions about “at home self-help programs “ for those who are in isolation or cannot get to us.

We are also investigating some options for telehealth consults for advice: unfortunately, it doesn’t allow us to adjust you over the internet! – that still has to be done in person!)

Dr Ashley and I are coming to work and being home and getting out to exercise and minimal food shopping…so you know we are playing our part too!
Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you soon at our  ”new normal” clinics


We are still OPEN & here to look after you!
Fortunately, Chiropractors as primary health practitioners, are considered “essential services” and are available to help support you and your body during this difficult time. We are maintaining compliance with current health regulations and we have adjusted our workflows to keep you safe.
To help us , when you attend please:
– using the hand sanitiser provided or wash hands on arrival
– card payments preferred over cash
– on-line booking still available
– if you are feeling unwell, postpone your treatment
– if you need advice from Dr Paula , please call


In this fast-changing times, we understand that you might be wondering what we are doing to support you to still safely attend to your appointments, whilst responding to the current situation.
The Chiropractic Domain will continue to treat our communities but will follow the advice provided to us by the government health agencies and the chiropractic associations within Australia.

Current steps in place at The Chiropractic Domain

  • use a paper barrier between your face and the adjusting table, changed for each person.
  • fully disinfect adjusting tables every shift, including underneath the face paper and arm/hand rests
  • fully disinfect an adjusting table used by a patient that has been sick, or recently in close contact with someone who is sick
  • Provide soap in the bathrooms and hand sanitiser within the practice for staff and patient use
  • Waiting area cleaned and disinfected each shift
  • Gloves are used by practitioners when treating jaw, oral restrictions or other mouth and nose contact is required
  • Regular handwashing by practitioners
  • Hand washing and hand sanitising before and after holding and caring for babies and children.
  • Weekly professional cleaning
  • Toy boxes periodically cleaned and toys disinfected

In the wake of this pandemic we will be taking these additional steps:

  • If you’re not well but have NOT been in contact with someones with coronavirus, we will ask you to come in a quieter time in the adjusting day, to be safe.
  • If you have just returned from overseas please follow the 14-day self-isolation policy of the government. 
  • Adjusting tables will be disinfected more frequently
  • Face and arm/hand rests on the adjusting tables will be disinfected between every patient
  • Patients with other illnesses, babies and patients over 60 – who may be more susceptible to viruses – may be moved into adjusting rooms earlier, to limit their exposure to other patients in the waiting rooms. > Please be patient with us
  • Regularly touched surfaces including door handles, desks and pens will be wiped more regularly
  • Toy boxes disinfected daily soft toys removed for the time being
  • Towels and pillowcases changed after each use that is in contact with skin

What we ask of you: