Cold Laser Special

Cold Laser Special

Add Cold Laser Therapy to your chiropractic appointments for just $15.00 (Usually $30.00)

Cold laser therapy is well-researched and has been shown to be beneficial in managing pain and inflammation. We’re excited to be able to offer cold laser therapy at The Chiropractic Domain to add it to our management techniques for knee pain, migraines and trigeminal-neuralgia, neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain and much more.


In a recent Channel 7 News interview Dr Roberta Chow said “we got a minimum of a 50% improvement in 80% of people that we treated”

“We can actually reduce the need for knee replacement… can make the difference between them being able to get out and about…versus not leave the house.”

Spring Special:

For existing patients, add cold laser therapy to your appointments during spring for just $15.00 – Half price!

You can book a “Cold laser and Chiropractic Treatment” appointment online, or call 82724555 to book.

If you’re not already a patient at The Chiropractic Domain, or it has been over 2 years since we last saw you, don’t worry, we have a Spring Special for you too!

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