In this fast-changing times, we understand that you might be wondering what we are doing to support you to still safely attend to your appointments, whilst responding to the current situation.
The Chiropractic Domain will continue to treat our communities but will follow the advice provided to us by the government health agencies and the chiropractic associations within Australia.

Current steps in place at The Chiropractic Domain

  • use a paper barrier between your face and the adjusting table, changed for each person.
  • fully disinfect adjusting tables every shift, including underneath the face paper and arm/hand rests
  • fully disinfect an adjusting table used by a patient that has been sick, or recently in close contact with someone who is sick
  • Provide soap in the bathrooms and hand sanitiser within the practice for staff and patient use
  • Waiting area cleaned and disinfected each shift
  • Gloves are used by practitioners when treating jaw, oral restrictions or other mouth and nose contact is required
  • Regular handwashing by practitioners
  • Hand washing and hand sanitising before and after holding and caring for babies and children.
  • Weekly professional cleaning
  • Toy boxes periodically cleaned and toys disinfected

In the wake of this pandemic we will be taking these additional steps:

  • If you're not well but have NOT been in contact with someones with coronavirus, we will ask you to come in a quieter time in the adjusting day, to be safe.
  • If you have just returned from overseas please follow the 14-day self-isolation policy of the government.
  • Adjusting tables will be disinfected more frequently
  • Face and arm/hand rests on the adjusting tables will be disinfected between every patient
  • Patients with other illnesses, babies and patients over 60 - who may be more susceptible to viruses - may be moved into adjusting rooms earlier, to limit their exposure to other patients in the waiting rooms. > Please be patient with us
  • Regularly touched surfaces including door handles, desks and pens will be wiped more regularly
  • Toy boxes disinfected daily soft toys removed for the time being
  • Towels and pillowcases changed after each use that is in contact with skin

What we ask of you:

  • Please let us know if you are feeling unwell, ideally before you come to your appointment (please call, or if you're unable to call please reply to your reminder SMS with what you're feeling)
  • Don't panic!
  • Heightened stress can negatively impact your immune system
  • Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, regularly
  • Avoid touching your face and touching others
  • Keep taking steps towards good health and high functioning immune systems
    • Eat your veggies
    • exercise regularly
    • get adjusted
    • don't smoke
    • live hygienically
  • Keep using common sense
  • If you have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, follow the self-isolation advice of government health agencies
  • Get your information about coronavirus from reliable sources > Not Facebook! > Please note that some media sources, have sensationalised and exaggerated their headlines for impact and clicks online

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