Choose to Challenge

Choose to Challenge

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To all the women who are members of my clinic community.
Happy International Women’s Day!

The theme this year is #ChallengeToChange. I try and stay fairly apolitical within the clinic because I want to make sure that people from all walks of life feel safe. But on this day, I speak to you as a woman, as I feel maybe like many of you do, somewhat disgusted by what we’ve been witnessing in the last couple of weeks in the media, and the treatment of the allegations that have been made through Canberra. Gender bias, demeaning women, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, these are all nasty words. This is something that women still face on a daily basis, in all walks of life, and at all different levels of that particular spectrum. Enough is enough! There has got to be a change.

With the theme of Choose to Challenge, I suppose the challenge for those of us who might feel at times unwilling to speak out, we need to find better language, to have better conversations, so that we can create cultural change with men and with women, but also with the young people that we are raising. I worry for my daughters and worry for my sons, I know that I have a job to do, in trying to teach them what gender equality really is. I’m sure that other parents may share a similar view. It takes work. It takes leadership and leadership at the highest level of our country, which at the moment, one would question what the direction is, are they responding politically? Are they responding as human beings with compassion? That’s what I wonder about on this International Women’s Day.

 All that aside for a moment, I hope that you get to spend it with some fabulous women in your life. Many of you are fabulous women in my life, and you make it a joy to do my job. So thank you.

When you surround yourself with fabulous women, you feel this amazing network where you know you’ve got someone you can confide in, with safety and without judgement, that can help you get you through your daily challenge. That is something that is particularly unique about women. Generally, we can be pretty good communicators. I hope you have a lovely day.

Yours in Health,

Dr Paula