Chiropractic Life Video Announcement

Chiropractic Life Video Announcement

Video Transcript

Hello Mount Gambier community,

If you will indulge me for a few minutes I’d just like to share some news with you. I need to let you know that it is an end of an era. In the October long weekend there will be a change of management at the clinic and it will be taken over by a company called Chiropractic Life.

Now, you may not have heard of them before but Chiropractic Life owns a number of regional based clinics across Australia and it is owned by a colleague of mine Dr Adam McKenzie who was a Casterton boy born and bred originally. You’ll be pleased to know that Chiropractic Life has a very similar approach and ethos to what we and you have known at The Chiropractic Domain.

Please indulge me while I’m reading my notes to help me through this:
The most important thing I believe for you to know is that Dr Ashley will remain and she will be continuing under Chiropractic Life along with being supported by Dee and Sonia. For those of you who often see me, I will be continuing my next two rotations to Mt Gambier and finishing up in December. I expect that you’ll only notice minor changes around the clinic obviously the business name and the logo will change and the branding but Dr Ashley and Dee and Sonia will be still providing their care and they as they always have. So really it will be business as usual or adjustments as usual.

On a personal note; because it is a personal thing when you sell a business, I’d just like to share with you that when I bought Mt Gambier from Dr Neville Creed 13 years ago, I was full of energy and and the idea of course was to develop young associates and try and teach them the way that I had approached chiropractic career in my other clinics at that time. I was halfway through my pregnancy my first pregnancy; crazy yes I know, and over the years we’ve had lots of lovely associates come and serve and, there have been times when there’s been gaps in that and I have needed to step in all amongst managing my own clinic at Goodwood and juggling what ended up being five children in the end. So now my family has grown and my older children are spreading their wings. Simone the eldest has recently gone to university to study chiropractic herself and so a while ago she stopped being my full-time clinic manager and we have missed her expertise and her assistance. also my three younger children are now at primary school very busy and my parents are in their 80s so recently when Adam approached me and asked me if I was interested in making a change I came to the conclusion that now was the right time of my life to do that.

I am enormously proud of what I’ve developed in The Chiropractic Domain over the last 13 years and the various members of my team who’ve done that with me. I do remember thinking back in 2007 that with this project i wasn’t sure how long i would be involved but I knew that I needed to be a steward. Now that building has housed a chiropractor clinic for over 50 years so there is a legacy there and the concept of being a student steward is to leave something better than the way you have found it. And I hope Neville would be proud that I have done that I’m also quite confident in handing the baton over to um Dr ash and Dee and Sonia that they will continue that legacy certainly under the watchful management and guidance of Dr Adam and his team at Chiropractic Life.

I have had to record this a few times and I needed to use notes because I was getting emotional when I was recording it before and so yes I do feel some sadness at stepping away from the clinic happy sadness particularly from those of you i have looked after over the years I do plan to be still a part of the Mt Gambier community but in my personal life due to my husband’s connection with family and friends down in the Mount.

I do plan to have a farewell event when I finish to say goodbyes to some of you and I do have two more adjusting days being Thursday October 22nd and December the 3rd. I do want to thank you sincerely even those who don’t know me for coming and supporting the clinic over the many years. I have done my best to ensure standards of genuine care for the clients that have come I really also appreciate you welcoming me into your life for those of you who do know me personally.

It has indeed been an absolute privilege to know you and to care for you. I’m not going to say goodbye right now I’m just going to say see you later before i get too upset and thank you for your patience and thank you for listening to me tonight.

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