Chiropractic Life Mt Gambier

Chiropractic Life Mt Gambier

What is this announcement?

After 13 years The Chiropractic Domain will become Chiropractic Life

Who is Chiropractic Life?

Chiropractic Life is a group of chiropractic practices around Australia owned by Dr Adam McKenzie.

Who will be my chiropractor?

We are very happy to be able to tell you the Dr Ashley will remain your chiropractor as she is joining the Chiropractic Life team!

Dee and Sonia will continue to support Dr Ashley in continuing your care.

What if I see Dr Paula?

Dr Paula will continue to travel on her usual rotation for the remainder on 2020. Next year you will need to book in to see Dr Ashley for your adjustments instead.

Dr Paula will only be visiting Mt Gambier to spend time with her friends and family.

What is going to change?

You may not notice a lot of changes for the time being. Chiropractic Life and The Chiropractic Domain have more similarities than they do differences.

The initial changes you’ll notice will be to aesthetics as logos and colours are updated.

Why now?

It has been 13 years since Creed Chiropractic became The Chiropractic Domain and in that time Dr Paula’s family has grown and the energy once held for developing young chiropractors has transitioned to raising children. The support Dr Paula had from previous practice manager Simone has also reduced since Simone starting studying Chiropractic herself in 2019.

Dr Paula and her whole team are incredibly proud of what has been achieved, and though some sadness is felt we are all very excited about the change to Chiropractic Life.

When is this happening?

The October long weekend is the official change over period.

How do I book in?

To book in Goodwood you can book online or call 8272 4555

To Book in Mt Gambier you’ll need to call Chiropractic Life Mt Gambier on 08 8725 3755

What happens now?

If you have an appointment already booked in, that has not changed. You can still book appointments as you normally would. If you do not have an appointment booked please call 0887253755 to book an appointment soon.