Chiropractic Employment

What does this position offer?

Over 10 Years of The Chiropractic Domain Patients

The Chiropractic Domain is well-established in Mt Gambier. 56 Bay Rd has been a Chiropractic clinic for over 50 years!

Broad variety of patients

We serve patients from nought to ninety-nine years of age and everyone in between.

Secure Employment Contract

Earn above award rates, with a guarenteed base wage and superannuation.

Bonuses Paid

Are you driven and looking to grow professionally. We want to support you doing that, and you will be rewarded!

Ongoing Mentoring

With 20 year experience as a Chiropractor, Dr Paula offers ongoing clinical and business mentoring.

Coastal, Rural and City Living all in one

Mount Gambier offers a rural setting, with city infastructure close to the coast!

Dr Nathaniel Thorpe

Current Associate 

"The success from these decisions helped to improve confidence in my own ability and myself as both a person and a chiropractor."

Dr Emily Ferguson

"job security, the financial stability, the mentoring from an experienced practitioner and business owner, clear practices and procedures, a supportive team and the experience of working in a rural setting."

Dr Chelsea Dickins

"The biggest recommendation that I can make going into graduating is getting experience, and this job has that all over it. Not only do you get a patient base, but you get support from a team of CAs and an experienced Chiropractor."

Dr Nisreen Moosa

"With her help, I was able to move forward and advance my education a lot faster than I thought was possible. Without her help, I would not be the person I am today."

Dr Melissa Hon

"The well-established procedures and policies framework we use in our clinics enhance great management, efficiency and allow smoother client flow."

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