August 2020 Update Video

August 2020 Update Video

Video Transcript:

Hello lovely clients on a very cold August day
I just wanted to touch a few points with you and check in. First of all we are all very aware through the media of what's happening Covid wise particularly for our neighbours of Victoria.

South Australia we are on alert and we're very aware about what's going on I just wanted to reassure you that herein the clinic we are still adhering to all of our guidelines that we've been requested to do since march and we hope that you all still feel safe and you can see that we're following out those procedures; So we'll be attentive to your needs if there's anything you're concerned about please let one of us know and we will try and address any concerns you may have.

Secondly in the Goodwood practice each year we get to participate in SALA which is the South Australian Living Artist festival. Businesses in Goodwood participate by offering to host an artist and as you can see behind me here we have a beautiful landscape photographer who has put up a number of their prints a husband and wife team and we're loving and totally enjoying those prints. If anyone's interested in knowing more about it let us know and Marianne has left her card at the front desk. You can get copies of these or purchase any of them if you're that inspired by.

Lastly we're all aware that we've had such a torrent time this year and people's routines for their health have been thrown into disarray and some people have started to return to some healthy routines but there are a number of people who are still in a bit of a slump now while it's cold as hell at the moment. Spring is coming it will come and September is not far away and once more.

The Chiropractic Domain team is going to participate in STEP-tember. It's a fundraiser for I think cerebral palsy we're going to register and do our best to improve our efforts on last year. We'll have a little bit of inter-team competition between Mt Gambier and Goodwood and we'd love to invite you as individuals to participate. Now whether you register with the official site of STEp-tember is totally up to you but I'd like you to start to think about how you can increase more steps in your day. The guideline is about ten thousand steps is a healthy goal I personally aim for fifteen thousand and across my week I would certainly achieve that goal. So we're going to be talking to you more a little bit about that and keeping you updated as we go along so get out there! I know it's cold but rug up and get yourself moving.

We look forward to looking after you in this cold month of August. Take care now 🙂