17 Years Working Together

17 Years Working Together

It all started with a bet in a bar…

A few weeks ago Lisa reminded me of an anniversary so we shared this story on our social media channels and it got such a response we thought we would tell the rest of our clients too!

A little known fact is that Lisa & I did our Bachelor of Science Degree together at Adelaide Uni back. On our last day of lectures, we were having a few celebratory beverages at the Unibar and made a bet that if we both achieve our career goals, that maybe we should work together.

Well, I did continue completing Chiropractic and started my own business, and some years later Lisa finished her qualification as a Naturopath.

So the other day Lisa reminded me that we have just ticked over 17 years working together on Goodwood Road.

We wanted to thank you for being part of our client community and referring your friends and family over the years to help us develop our health care business. We hope to continue to be a part of your healthcare team for many years to come.