Celebrating 17 Years in Business

Celebrating 17 Years in Business

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Hello lovely clients,

This week I am celebrating 17 years in business. Yay!!

It all started long ago one cold July day with one room in Mount Barker and one room in the house I was sharing with my sister in Millswood…with the laundry as my waiting room.

Yes, very humble beginnings!!!

I had lots of help from family and friends to get set up and started and that’s where most of my early patients came from….who referred others…and some of you!!

Later we sold Mount Barker and bought the Mount Gambier practice…..exactly 8 years ago in fact!

Anyhow, here we all are!  It’s been quite a journey…..with various fabulous team members along the way helping me to serve you all.

There’s been various accolades and awards of which I am proud and humbled.

However, the biggest compliment you each have given me…is the trust in placing you and your family under my care!

The second biggest compliment is when you have referred someone else for me to care for!

I am still passionate about providing high quality Chiropractic care to you and any other you send my way – thank-you!

At present I am consulting:

  • All day Mondays ,Wednesdays and Tuesday afternoons in Goodwood and
  • All day Thursday, Fridays and alternative Saturday mornings in Mount Gambier.

I look forward to getting some extra help in Mount Gambier soon so life is not quite so crazy at home !!

Lots of Chiropractic love,