Seniors Care

Seniors Care

We are often told “I’m too old to start Chiropractic care”

You are never too old to start anything! Chiropractic is suited to, and safe for all ages. In fact a study on seniors with neck pain using Chiropractic and gentle exercise can be read about here.

“Neck pain affects an estimated 20% of adults over the age of 70. Unfortunately, many elderly patients suffer from coexisting conditions, and because of the possibility of drug interference, cannot use prescription painkillers. Others may wish to use drug-free treatments out of personal preference. This makes conservative treatments like chiropractic care even more important for the management of neck pain in the elderly.”

A very common complaint made by our senior clinic community is that their balance has been impacted and they have lost flexibility.


The link between balance and Chiropractic:

Your brain is responsible for every single movement you perform. This message is passed from the brain to the nerves via the spinal cord. What protects your nervous system? Your spine!

Additionally, your brain is also receiving messages from the body; this is called proprioception. Think of this as a continuous loop between the brain and body. Your neck and ankles are two of the biggest sources of proprioceptive input that not only helps you move where you want to, but to keep you upright and balanced.