Chiropratic and Pregnancy

When pregnant (or hoping to be), you’re most likely making your health a priority, not just for yourself, but for the precious bump ever-growing. You’ll want to know if chiropractic is safe during pregnancy for both you and the baby and what benefits may occur with having chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy.


Firstly, chiropractic is considered safe during pregnancy. In 2006 a study, published in the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s health found that when pregnant patients presented with lower back pain, chiropractic care helped manage and alleviate the pain with no adverse side effects for Mother, or child.


Secondly, chiropractic care during pregnancy can provide many benefits for women who are pregnant. A few of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:


  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing the time of labour and delivery
  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain
  • Prevent a potential caesarean section

There are so many changes going on with a woman’s body during pregnancy including:


  • release of the hormone relaxin causes muscle and ligament relaxation allows joints to more easily misalign
  • increased weight gain
  • increased demand and fatigue on spinal and pelvic muscles
  • increased stress on spinal and pelvic ligaments
  • increase in lumbar and thoracic spinal curves which further increase the above
  • increased joint stress and thus occurrence of vertebral and sacroiliac joint misalignments
  • change in weight distribution
  • increased demand and fatigue on spinal and pelvic muscles
  • increased stress on spinal and pelvic ligaments
  • Chiropractic for Kidsincrease in lumbar and thoracic spinal curves which further increase the above
  • increased joint stress and thus occurrence of vertebral and sacroiliac joint misalignments


The above changes primarily affect the pelvic and spinal ligaments, muscles, joints and other supportive soft tissues. These changes cause sprain/strains of pelvic and spinal structures, as well as alteration of the normal spinal curvatures and spinal biomechanics. The result is an increased stress on the body leading to pain and discomfort.


Dr Paula has developed a special interest in pre-natal, pregnancy and post-partum care since she began practise as a Chiropractor in 1997 and has cared for many pregnant women and their babies in that time.


Dr Paula also has her own experiences with chiropractic and pregnancy as she and her husband Trevor are parents to Stephanie and twin boys Darcy and Jack, as well as Step-mother to young adults Simone and Samuel. All of whom have had chiropractic care with Dr Paula for near-to their entire lives.



Many people think that neck and back problems are really more of an adult thing, however here are some facts:

  • Lower back pain is a serious issue for adolescents, report from around the worlds estimate it occurs in 30-40% of adolescents, and it possible that it is often under report or dismissed as “growing pains”
  • While some back and neck pain may be considered “serious” requiring medical intervention, research also show that typical lower back pain in adulthood is related to problems that developed in childhood.
  • Early intervention and detection of spinal and postural issues and risk factors in childhood to avoid neck and back pain in adolescents and adults.

Chiropractors are ideally placed to assess and address early postural issues before the teenage growth spurt may bring to the forefront minor neck and back pain issues which are reported in the primary school years. At The Chiropractic Domain we take our role of assessing children using appropriate methods and diagnostics tools seriously

Why might children need Chiropractic care?Chiropractic Care and Babies


  • With the increased amount of screen time children have in front TV’s computer sand tablets and phones, children are more likely to develop poor posture during formative years.
  • Children are also more active, experimental and risk taking therefore the chance of trauma and accidental injuries is high. (How many bumps and fall has your child had??)
  • Copious amount of research points to improper use of school bags and a primary source of back and neck pain in children. It has been observed that an exceedingly high % of children don’t use or pack school bags correctly….imagine the affect over this over their school career!

The most important thing…


What controls the body? The nervous system: brain, spinal cord and nerves.


If your child’s spine is misaligned, communication between the brain and body, via the nervous system can become distorted. This miscommunication may affect how the brain instructed the body to function and may present as any number of symptoms including:

  • Pain
  • Reduced mobility
  • Hip,leg and foot problems
  • Irritability
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Lowered immunity
  • Idiopathic scoliosis
  • Clumsiness
  • Shoulder problems


“Well Adjusted Babies” Book

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Pelvic Stability Belts

“The Well Adjusted Pelvic Stabilising (SIJ) Belt offers fabulous support and day-long comfort for most low back complaints and sacro-iliac dysfunction. This belt is not intended as a cure, but as part of a specific treatment programme. Designed by chiropractors this belt is specifically for those with a disability or dysfunction of the pelvic region and may assist with many types of back pain. This belt also helps mothers hold their adjustments longer during pregnancy and post birth.

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