Chiropractic Assistant Position

The Goodwood Team

You will be working most closely with Dr Paula and Lynne, and you'll get to know Simone before she moves away. You'll also get to know our Mt Gambier team, so click the button below to learn more about each of us.


You certainly won't ever be bored. We are skilled multi-taskers and can answer a phone and process a payment all while holding one of the clinic's baby patients in one arm.
To be successful in this role, you have to be the kind of person who is people-focused, but also understands the importance of procedures and systems.

You'll be running emails, practice management software (FrontDesk), phones, an iPad, Spotify, social media, x-ray software, sometimes for 2 clinics at a time.

You'll be the kind of person who embodies our mission to provide

  • an exceptional service
  • in a caring environment
  • for ALL ages

You'll need to be efficient, but you'll also need to pay close attention to detail... we like things done properly here so that we can enjoy the fun stuff instead of worrying about finding and fixing errors.

We know this job might not be for many hours and might seem like a side-hustle for some, but we're looking for dedication and commitment to The Chiropractic Domain with the flexibility to support our little team.

  • We're a 1-minute walk away from the Goodwood tram stop if you'd rather not drive
  • If you are driving to work, we have secure staff car-parking
  • We're surrounded by vibrant boutique shopping and services
  • We're spoiled for choice when it comes to cafes
  • If you love eating out, there are so many options here too!

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ CARE ~

We are attentive to the needs of those we serve ~ In order to serve others well we must first provide for ourselves and each other ~ The trust placed in us by the clinic community is always valued and appreciated ~ We take pride in our work, consistently to the best of our abilities ~

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ INTEGRITY~

We adhere to our practice values at all times ~ The honour of the practice lies in the actions of each individual ~ As a team we have built a sturdy foundation for steady development ~ The sustainability of the practice depends on the honesty of its members ~ We are trustworthy and reliable ~ If we say we will do it, we do it well ~ The trust placed in us by the clinic community is always valued and appreciated ~ We take pride in our work, consistently to the best of our abilities ~

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ PASSION ~

We approach each of our positions with a feeling of enthusiasm ~ We desire to be at our very best to provide an exceptional service to the clinic community ~ We are empowered and confident in our workplace ~ We are passionate about sharing the benefits of Chiropractic health care with others ~ We are problem solvers ~ We are good at getting stuff done! ~

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ HONESTY ~

We are accountable to ourselves, to management and to our client community ~ We will be honest with ourselves about what we can achieve ~ We will be honest with each other about the good and the bad ~ We will approach all things with a frank and sincere view ~

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ KINDNESS~

The thoughtfulness we have is infectious in our clinic ~ The act of compassion by an individual reflects on the whole practice ~ We are generous as a team and individually ~ We are sincere and genuine in the niceness we show ~ We are friendly ~

What will work at The Chiropractic Domain ~ RESPECT ~

Self-honour and self-discipline creates a practice culture of accountability and confidence ~ At all times we show gratitude for what we have and what we have created ~ Our honesty towards each other shows the admiration we have for one another ~ We value the time of our patients and the time it takes us to provide exceptional care ~

The Nitty-Gritty

Chiropractic Assistant – Goodwood

The Chiropractic Domain – Goodwood is seeking a motivated, tech savvy individual to join our dynamic team on Fridays and 1-2 other shifts per week on a Monday or Wednesday. We Don't work weekends and we work between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm with a loooooong lunch break.

The position is for 10-12 hours per week, with potentially more in the future.

The candidate will

  • Have impeccable presentation
  • Have exemplary communication skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills
  • Be experienced and confident using Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excell
  • Be tech savvy and use iPads and Windows PCs with ease
  • Show good initiative
  • Have a level of understanding or openness to Chiropractic in overall healthcare
  • Reliable and accountable to work with very little supervision
  • Confident in a busy environment
  • Adhere to our teams’ core values; Honesty, Passion, Integrity, Kindness, Care, Respect


  • Reception duties
  • Understanding Chiropractic and health concepts to support the Chiropractor and the recommendation they make to patients
  • Following up with patients with respect to their care recommendations
  • Being confident in multi-tasking in a busy environment
  • Administration and filing duties
  • Cleaning and caring for the aesthetics of the clinic
  • Caring for Children during a shift when their carers are with the Chiropractor
  • Reporting on income, number trends and KPIs

Experience with Frontdesk Practice Management software is preferred, but not necessary.

School leavers and tertiary students will be considered, but only with 3+ years (can be part-time/casual) in relevant work experience in either healthcare or customer service.

Training will be provided. Award rates

If you have the required attributes please submit your resume and cover letter to us by no later than 12 noon, Monday, December 17th 2018. In the subject line Start with your first name and end it with "'s got your back". Like this: [Bella's got your back] - This way we'll know you've got an eye for detail, and we won't miss the opportunity to meet you!
If your application shows potential, we'll contact you via email by 5 pm on the 18th of December with the next application steps.
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