Employment Opportunities

The Chiropractic Domain Team Values


: Providing an exceptional health service in a caring environment...


  • We are attentive to the needs of those we serve
  • In order to serve others well we must first provide for ourselves and each other
  • The trust placed in us by the clinic community is always valued and appreciated
  • We take pride in our work, consistently to the best of our abilities


  • We are accountable to ourselves, to management and to our client community
  • We will be honest with ourselves about what we can achieve
  • We will be honest with each other about the good & the bad
  • We will approach all things with a frank and sincere view


  • We adhere to our practice values at all times
  • The honour of the practice lies in the actions of each individual
  • As a team we have built a sturdy foundation for steady development
  • The sustainability of the practice depends on the honesty of its members



  • The thoughtfulness we have is infectious in our clinic community
  • The act of compassion by an individual reflects on the whole practice
  • We are generous as a team and individually
  • We are sincere and genuine in the niceness we show



  • We approach each of our positions with a feeling of enthusiasm
  • We desire to be at our very best to provide an exceptional service to the clinic community
  • We are empowered and confident in our workplace
  • We are passionate about sharing the benefits of Chiropractic health care with others



  • Self-honour and self-discipline creates a practice culture of accountability and confidence
  • At all times we show gratitude for what we have and what we have created
  • Our honesty towards each other shows the admiration we have for one another
  • We value the time of our patients and the time it takes us to provide exceptional care